In The Garden – The Three Trees


I dreamed I was walking through the garden with a woman I knew years ago. We search for a suitable place to make peace. Upon finding a tree, we decide to climb up. After some time, she raises the peace pipe but suddenly is stopped by a bird projectile vomiting out from the tree in unreal volumes like a cartoon. We were shocked by what we were witnessing, “My God that’s impossible! What in the world is going on? We won’t find peace here.”

We climbed up into a second tree and again she raised the peace pipe to her lips. This time, a bird flew out of its nest and dove at our heads again and again. We tried to swat it away. We tried sitting still. Nothing worked. “My God” she said “there’s no way to make it stop! We have to go somewhere else. We won’t find peace here.”

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Order Out Of Chaos

Part I

by Nick Reed

From Hitler’s Rischstag Fire to 9/11 (1), history is littered with instances of governments using alleged terrorist attacks to justify invasions or “suspend” civil liberties indefinitely. The question is not, “is it happening?” but, “why is it happening?”

To fully understand the “why” of it, we must first do a harder thing, and understand the Latin phrase “ordo ab chao” or “order out of chaos.” This occult motto, of which the vast majority of the world have never heard before, is in fact the motto and creed of the Thirty-third Degree of freemasonry, a secret society of which almost all our political leaders both past and present are devout members.

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New World Order-ism: A Social Pathology

pexels-photo-96414-largeWith economic and political instability on the rise, a New World Order (NWO) appears to be on the horizon. Power and wealth continue to consolidate and centralize out of the hands of the many and into the hands of the few. Yet even the most intelligent politician cannot solve the problems of 7 billion people whom they have never met and don’t know anything about. So why does global government seem inevitable?

Thus far, the NWO has been interpreted to be a political phenomenon, primarily driven by a secret cabal of elitist financial and political leaders, (1) yet nonetheless it has remained strictly an external phenomenon, with no internal psycho-spiritual counter-part to speak of.  However the New World Order is not just an external phenomenon, but an expression of a deep and archetypal force lying just below the surface of our consciousness, driving humanity ever forward in it’s secret direction.

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Gnosis As Immunization To Hollywood Hypnosis

pexels-photo-87308-largeMan has always had myths. Stories with the power not only to interpret the human journey but even to transform it. Myths speak to our subconscious minds. They are deep and archetypal symbols. But what are we to make of the stories given to us by Hollywood and other modern myth-makers?

Entertainment is big business in the United States. It is estimated that the entertainment industry will grow to over 679 billion in value over the next four years with no stopping point in sight. Hollywood is making more than just money, and their products are more than just entertainment. Their stories are intertwined with ancient and deep archetypes.

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Beyond Mind and Matter

We have all heard the tales of people defying the known laws of physics and biology: mothers lifting a car off their child; the placebo effect or spontaneous remission from degenerative diseases like cancer; the effects of group meditation on crime rates and random event generators; walking on a bed of hot coals without incidence or injury;  Dr. Emoto’s studies on the formation of water crystals in response to human emotion; and so on.

Can such phenomena be explained away or are these truly cases where consciousness has an effect on so-called external reality, wherein the rules we have become so accustomed to being fixed can be bent or even broken?

Just as importantly, when confronted with information that appears to contradict the map of reality we have already drawn for ourselves, are we more inclined to want to discard such information or to call our map back into question?

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Nature and the Brain

How important is man’s connection with nature? Has our environment  become so abstract and artificial that it could be hindering us from reaching our full potential as individuals and as a species?

To our earliest ancestors, the natural world was ‘home,’ but for many today nature is something of a spectacle; a leisure destination; a place we go to ‘get away from it all’.

From the office to the school house; from the home to the car, we have built up an entire world around ourselves that is an artifact of our own creation, with of course the occasional potted plant or a solitary tree standing in a parking lot of asphalt.

Nature has become something almost alien to the city-dwelling man of the 21st century. Where once he knew only of potatoes, tomatoes, and cows, now he knows only of french fries, ketchup, and the Big Mac. His connection to animals and other species has been narrowed to that of a pet, meal, or football team mascot.

Is mankind truly an alien in our world or have we simply alienated ourselves from it through our environment?

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The Feather of Truth

“In this world,
Hate never yet has dispelled hate.
Only love dispels hate.
This is the law,
Ancient and inexhaustible.”

My younger brother (John) had brought me to one of his “Best Buddies” events, a companionship program for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. We pulled up to the front of the building where the event was being held, and he stopped the car. “Nick there is something I have to tell you. These people are just the way that they are. You have to just decide before you go in there – whether or not you are going to accept them and love them as they are … because they can’t change and there’s nothing you can do that is going to make them be any different.”

It was not something totally unexpected for bringing in a first timer to an event for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. For me it has always been the case that people with such obvious handicaps as Down-syndrome have easily escaped my judgment and blame for transgressions. I could never see myself being anything but loving and accepting of them. It seems to be another story entirely though with people I consider “normal,” the vast majority of whom at any moment may do or say something sparking my condemnation or blame.

I could no longer reconcile the discrepancy. With nothing but a simple label of the mind, there became no place in my heart for blame or judgment and yet with a different label, I could justify untold discrimination. Yet to what degree, I wondered, was the so-called “average person” 100% neurologically perfect, if in fact there is such a thing? And if so what would be the measure?

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