Part I

by Nick Reed

From Hitler’s Rischstag Fire to 9/11 (1), history is littered with instances of governments using alleged terrorist attacks to justify invasions or “suspend” civil liberties indefinitely. The question is not, “is it happening?” but, “why is it happening?”

To fully understand the “why” of it, we must first do a harder thing, and understand the Latin phrase “ordo ab chao” or “order out of chaos.” This occult motto, of which the vast majority of the world have never heard before, is in fact the motto and creed of the Thirty-third Degree of freemasonry, a secret society of which almost all our political leaders both past and present are devout members.

According to Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

“The invention of this motto is to be attributed to the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish petite at Charleston, and it is first met with in the Patent of Count de Grasse, dated February 1, 1802. When De Grasse afterward carried the polite over to France and established a Supreme Council there, he changed the motto, and, according to Lenning, Ordo ab hoc, Order out of This, was used by him and his Council in all their documents.” (2)

“Order out of chaos” or more accurately translated, “out of chaos, order” is to our leaders and their inner circles a way of getting power and keeping it. That is, if you can create just the right problem or chaos you will necessarily get an outcry for the kind of solution or order that they wished to have all along. Brilliant, isn’t it? … At least in an evil genius way.

The philosopher Hegel formulated this model of manipulation thus: Problem, reaction, solution.

  1. Create the problem ( 9-11 , Reichstag Fire)
  2. Get the reaction (Shock, anger, fear)
  3. Provide the solution (invasion, suspension of civil liberties, surveillance)

As Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” (3) in an evil power hungry statement explaining the ever growing consolidation and centralization of power towards this so-called New World Order, or Novus Ordo Seeclorum.

This motto is actually not new at all. It was preceded by more ancient principles such as “lux e tenebris,” or “out of darkness, light.” The former being introduced into freemasonry in 1802 came way after the latter phrase (also a motto of Freemasonry) which has its first recorded use in the fraternity in 1395.

“Light out of darkness,” or “out of the darkness, light!” is even much older than this and most certainly did not originate from within this relatively young mystical tradition. Both of these phrases are expressions of an ancient wisdom about the complementarity of opposites in nature.

In eastern traditions such as Taoism and Buddhism, light and dark, chaos and order, good and evil etc. are represented by yin and yang, each of which contains the seed of its opposite within it as expressed in the symbol of the yin-yang. Various heretical mystery traditions such as Hermeneutics had similar mottos such as “As above so below” and “What is within is also without.” To the alchemists, it was the philosophers stone, known to have the powers to transmute lead into gold in the same way the masons create order out of chaos. To the native traditions this wisdom of nature can be found in their myths and worldviews about mother earth and father sky as well as their shamanic mystery rites.

Yet all this is referring to is nature’s principal of balance. That is, if you offset this balance one way or the other that nature will have a certain relatively predictable reaction to correct it. To the occult elite this is known as sacrificing and summoning of the gods and spirits.

So too it is with the principle of balance in nature and historically, members of freemasonry, the Knights Templar and others, have engaged in the systematic annihilation of almost all other traditions as well as the concealment and obscurity of as many of life’s truths and mysteries as possible through crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts, book burning, and genocide. This strongly suggests that the knowledge is more of an out of place artifact to Freemasons than the result of any intimacy with life’s truths and mysteries.

It is more likely that the Freemasons figured this truth out from stolen scrolls and forcing it from the lungs of tortured heretics than inheriting it from more ancient traditions. They fly the flag of the mystery schools but in reality they are chameleons taking on the symbols and mottos of others and are the blind leading the blind. All knowledge only cleaves their head as they only use it to create favorable conditions for themselves; to gain and sustain the same hegemonic power relations, because for them external order is their goal.

To the Gnostics, alchemists, hermeticists, and indigenous traditions though, the goal was not outer transformation and powers but inner. That is why all who try to find the philosophers stone fail. It is not a real physical thing that turns actual lead into gold, but rather an ancient gnostic technology of inner transformation.

The mystery rites of antiquity involved many technologies which would be very foreign to us today. These varied from dance and trance to vines, brews and sacred plants yet unlike the modern understanding would be, these rites were not for escapism and recreation; sending people spiraling into darkness but rather were the catalysts for igniting one’s inner light from within the darkness of the mind and chaos of an unkempt soul. They were for transformation, healing, self-knowledge, breaking unhealthy psychological and emotional patterns, reconnection and personal revelation; effects upon the individual hardly conducive to the goals of further consolidation and centralization of power demonstrated by occultist New World Order proponents.

There is by design an over emphasis on material and technical development and a suppression of direct intimacy with life’s truths and mysteries. From, ‘do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or ye shall surely die,’ to the requirement to follow the laws of secular authorities regardless of the discrepancy between what is immoral and what is illegal, the 21st century individual has been morally and spiritually crippled; his soul having been left in darkness and chaos while groomed to mold to the needs of the collective.

In fact, this imbalance, is reaching a height where any day now the pendulum will begin swinging back the opposite direction. Doomsday preppers speak of social, economic and political catastrophes, and while these are in the realm of possibility, there are two things which for sure will come to pass:

1. The drive for external transformation will reach an extinction, in psychological terms meaning there just wont be a hot enough fire or sweet enough carrot to keep people hoping external transformation and order will bring salvation without some effort in the internal direction.

2. People will begin to discover the limits of external order when our internal worlds are in chaos, thus discovering the seed of the one in the other.

Even all the abuse of ancient wisdom by the blind are but a ripple on a tidal wave, the shadow of a shadow, and soon by a divine twist of fate and by their own hand… out of the darkness, light!

Part II

by Michael Curving

Those who presently call shots and pull strings on the world stage in humanity’s current era, what is now being called the Anthropocene Age, are operating on metaphysical principles that the majority of the worlds population remain ignorant of. These principles are kept occulted, which means hidden from view, just as the moon partially occults the sun during a solar eclipse, casting a shadow over the earth.

Such principles were likely to have been known from ancient times, but more recently have been held and guarded within the sphere of adepts, alchemists, and inner circle initiates of various secret societies or mystery schools.

As with the physical laws of nature, deep metaphysical principles like, “as within, so without” cannot be classed ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ as a matter of common rational conception. Rather, they merely convey certain fundamental aspects of reality, and just as I can drop a coconut into your hands or onto your head, it isn’t gravity that’s right or wrong, but what you do with it.

Whatever strange and winding current this knowledge has followed down through the ages, its current application (or more aptly, misapplication) in our day by those who consider themselves the self-appointed elect, appears to be that of the recasting of social structures for the purpose of imposing ever more order and control from without.

It follows naturally that if there are those proceeding by dictum of Ordo Ab Chao, there is not the possibility to bring about ‘order’ unless they first create the conditions for disorder. Such controlled chaos is what we are witnessing in society today as the result of the coordinated efforts by some to set man against man, as part of a classic ‘divide and conquer’ stratagem.

Yet the underlying and far less obvious truth is that one cannot be divided and conquered outwardly, without also experiencing or suffering from some level of inward division within oneself.  Consequently, the more that your own psychological house is in disorder, the greater the likelihood you may become subject to some outward agency (such as a New World Order), or be caught up by the influence of the life circumstances surrounding you.   So long as those circumstances are favorable, all may be well.  But if the perception is that your internal well-being is dependent upon outward conditions, and those conditions become or appear to become disordered, so much so that they are seen to be completely out of your control, this can give rise to anxiety and fear. Such fear leads one to seek security, and that psychological seeking born out of dependency is the pathway to submission.

Conversely, when order comes from within, you are no longer dependent upon the outer nor need be a subject to it, perhaps similar in some sense to the concepts of ‘non-attachment’ or ‘wu-wei’ in Eastern religious or philosophical traditions.

Also from the Eastern traditions comes the notion of yin/yang, in that everything contains the seed of its opposite, whereby it can be seen that it is the challenges we face in the form of the chaos being ‘reigned’ down around us (pun intended) by modern society that offer us the very opportunity to look within and discover for ourselves a truer source of strength and uncover the light that shines from within, and which can only be occulted but never extinguished.

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