Author: Nick Reed & Michael Curving

Order Out Of Chaos

Part I

by Nick Reed

From Hitler’s Rischstag Fire to 9/11 (1), history is littered with instances of governments using alleged terrorist attacks to justify invasions or “suspend” civil liberties indefinitely. The question is not, “is it happening?” but, “why is it happening?”

To fully understand the “why” of it, we must first do a harder thing, and understand the Latin phrase “ordo ab chao” or “order out of chaos.” This occult motto, of which the vast majority of the world have never heard before, is in fact the motto and creed of the Thirty-third Degree of freemasonry, a secret society of which almost all our political leaders both past and present are devout members.

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Gnosis As Immunization To Hollywood Hypnosis

pexels-photo-87308-largeMan has always had myths. Stories with the power not only to interpret the human journey but even to transform it. Myths speak to our subconscious minds. They are deep and archetypal symbols. But what are we to make of the stories given to us by Hollywood and other modern myth-makers?

Entertainment is big business in the United States. It is estimated that the entertainment industry will grow to over 679 billion in value over the next four years with no stopping point in sight. Hollywood is making more than just money, and their products are more than just entertainment. Their stories are intertwined with ancient and deep archetypes.

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Beyond Mind and Matter

We have all heard the tales of people defying the known laws of physics and biology: mothers lifting a car off their child; the placebo effect or spontaneous remission from degenerative diseases like cancer; the effects of group meditation on crime rates and random event generators; walking on a bed of hot coals without incidence or injury;  Dr. Emoto’s studies on the formation of water crystals in response to human emotion; and so on.

Can such phenomena be explained away or are these truly cases where consciousness has an effect on so-called external reality, wherein the rules we have become so accustomed to being fixed can be bent or even broken?

Just as importantly, when confronted with information that appears to contradict the map of reality we have already drawn for ourselves, are we more inclined to want to discard such information or to call our map back into question?

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