We have all heard the tales of people defying the known laws of physics and biology: mothers lifting a car off their child; the placebo effect or spontaneous remission from degenerative diseases like cancer; the effects of group meditation on crime rates and random event generators; walking on a bed of hot coals without incidence or injury;  Dr. Emoto’s studies on the formation of water crystals in response to human emotion; and so on.

Can such phenomena be explained away or are these truly cases where consciousness has an effect on so-called external reality, wherein the rules we have become so accustomed to being fixed can be bent or even broken?

Just as importantly, when confronted with information that appears to contradict the map of reality we have already drawn for ourselves, are we more inclined to want to discard such information or to call our map back into question?

pexels-photo-27145-largeFor example, we have long been led by archaeologists to believe that the great pyramids and other ancient megalithic structures, some of which consisted of stones weighing more than 1,000 tons, were most likely erected by virtue of sheer manpower aided by some form of sticks and rope. They serve as yet another glaring example of a tear in the fabric of our map that has been staring mankind in the face for millennia.

To be fair, there is not any historic record to date of the pyramid builders having ever possessed cranes, bulldozers or any of the industrial machinery we require today to build our largest structures. Yet the incredible precision with which the pyramids were constructed forces us to admit that the maps  through which we have been interpreting our world are wrong. Perhaps those who built them were more than mere mechanics.

In the modern world view, mind and matter are considered two separate and isolated phenomenon. Because of this, even when it is believed that something such as walking on coals is beyond the limits of what we believe to be possible, instances such as these are still understood as  ‘mind OVER matter.’ Yet “mind” and “matter” are really only mental constructs we have created about our world; mere shortcuts allowing us to grasp our world intellectually, and therefore only superficially and dualistically.   Could there not be another possibility which goes beyond both mind AND matter?

Mystics and quantum physicists, who lie at the extremities of religion and science, both indicate that consciousness and reality, (mind and matter) are interconnected in ways we have only begun to uncover.

Consider the phenomenon of electromagnetism. In order to bring its effects in the world down to the level of our landscape-nature-hand-field-largeunderstanding, we have reduced it to it’s apparent interactions between positive and negative charges. This reductionism has divided the system into completely separate and opposing forces. Such is our mental ‘map’ of electromagnetism. In reality, the two cannot exist in isolation. There  can be no positive without negative; both are expressions of one and the same thing. Their reality is electromagnetism, not the other way around.

And so it is with day and night, up and down, and all things that our mental map of the world has oversimplified.

The “mind-matter” false dualism is the mental construct by which we have interpreted the building of the pyramids and ancient megaliths. Armed with such a map, we have concluded they were built by hand, using only rope, logs, and slave power in a matter of years. Because of this, the great pyramids will forever stand as the mystery which our map tells us shouldn’t even exist.

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