pexels-photo-96414-largeWith economic and political instability on the rise, a New World Order (NWO) appears to be on the horizon. Power and wealth continue to consolidate and centralize out of the hands of the many and into the hands of the few. Yet even the most intelligent politician cannot solve the problems of 7 billion people whom they have never met and don’t know anything about. So why does global government seem inevitable?

Thus far, the NWO has been interpreted to be a political phenomenon, primarily driven by a secret cabal of elitist financial and political leaders, (1) yet nonetheless it has remained strictly an external phenomenon, with no internal psycho-spiritual counter-part to speak of.  However the New World Order is not just an external phenomenon, but an expression of a deep and archetypal force lying just below the surface of our consciousness, driving humanity ever forward in it’s secret direction.

Shortly before facing complete annihilation approximately 2300 years ago, a short lived, heretical religious sect known to us as the Gnostics described psycho-spiritual forms called “the Archons.” According to these Gnostics, the Archons were feeble, submissive and hive-like in nature, appearing “something like an aborted fetus” (as in, born but not alive). (2) They also had a counter-part in their leader, known as the Demi-urge, whose  nature was like that of an aggressive, domineering dragon.  Unfortunately, their writings were lost to the crusades and book burning of those to whom this knowledge was worth the effort of suppressing.
Luckily, some small fragments of manuscripts survived, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. (3) These manuscripts were hidden in a cave to be chanced upon by peasants digging for fertilizer in the desert one and a half millennia later.

Shrouded in opaque and mystical language, their descriptions of the Archons and Demi-urges may seem antiquated but they are none other than than the psychological pathology behind the current push for a world government which would prove to be the most frightening consolidation and centralization of power and wealth the world has ever known.

To truly understand the psychology of New World Order-ism, we must better understand the problem for which the NWO is meant to be a solution, and that is the problem of human existence.

woman-child-doctor-hospital-largeIn the early stages of human development, the fetus is completely dependent on the mother, existing in a symbiotic state of dependency. Mother is food, water, shelter, warmth, air, and blood; mother and fetus are one in a very real and literal sense. Then gradually the relationship to mother (and consequently the whole structure of ones world) is transformed from that of symbiosis and dependence to that of autonomy and independence. But unless one learns to find a sense of oneness in a new way, the experience of independence and autonomy can at the same time be frightening and make life a prison of isolation and alienation. Here, it is easy to fall victim to all sorts of escapes and paths which prey on one’s alone-ness and anxiety, not the least of which is domination and submission. This leads back to a union based on dependency, and is the strategy of the vast majority of people today. Known as the authoritarian character, it is symptomatic of one who cannot solve the problem of human separateness from his new context and instead tries to escape it by recreating the previous one. It is in essence, a failure to mature.  (4)
Psychologically, it is an attempt to solve the problem of human separateness by getting rid of any sense of  the “other.” This is accomplished (more or less) by dominating, manipulating, destroying or some other way of making all “otherness” an extension of yourself (think “Agent Smith” from The Matrix).

But this drive is not just the drive to make others conform and become an extension of one’s own will, as it also includes the equal and opposite drive to conform to and lose oneself in something greater and more powerful (such as a brand, team, country, or organized religion). Here, the sense of separateness is overcome by merging the individual self into a larger collective. On the surface, the two may seem different, but in effect they are one and the same; leading blindly toward the same pit, albeit from different directions.

Sadomasochism is a temporal escape, and does not produce a healthy nor true sense of unity for the very fact that it always requires the negation of one or the other. As with a chemical dependency, a tolerance develops, requiring an individual to always seek a higher dose to get the same effect. This is where the push for globalism comes into view. Whereas submitting to the authority of a nation could once produce the desired effect, now it is a world government to which we must turn to anesthetize these existential separation anxieties.

The Gnostics saw this psycho-spiritual affliction long ago. For the less academic types (such as myself), these myths in their totality may have actually been more effective at explaining this phenomenon than has modern psychology. Yet thanks to the insecurity of the religious and political authorities over the years, we have psychopathology instead of Archons and Demi-urges. Damn.

Identifying with a world government has no more a chance at providing an authentic sense of togetherness than that of the national empires we see today. Even if this sadomasochistic bond could give our souls some relief for a while, where to next? An intergalactic confederation?

Having as the cornerstone teaching of the very secret fraternal orders which our leaders are by majority a member, the globalists have demonstrated that they as well are mildly (if not completely) unaware that this pathological compulsion is the driving force behind their political and economic motivations. This teaching is that of the self serving principal and is exactly the opposite of the teachings we find in the religions of the masses, which emphasize altruism and “turning the other cheek.” Whereas the latter idolizes altruism and self-denial, The former promotes self-service and other-denial, the former emphasizes self-service and other-denial. So while the masses are fed a belief that the needs and wishes of others are superior to one’s own, there is an inner select who have been fed the belief that one’s own wishes and needs are superior to that of others. Yet both are half-truths, denying the intrinsic and equal value of both oneself as well as others.

imagesHow fitting, that their chosen symbol should be a great pyramid (a structure which consolidates and centralizes from bottom to top) with a disconnected luminous eye floating above it.  With a strictly external grasp of phenomena, the authoritarian shape of their inner world stays just below the line-of sight of their superficial consciousness. They (Freemasons/Illuminati) merely play the role of the Demi-urge  in this unconscious game of hide and seek from the problem of human existence.

The common interpretation is that the eye above the pyramid represents an elitist inner circle of Illuminati, Freemasons etc. who are in the know, and that the rest of the  pyramid represents the duped masses. But our externalized understanding of phenomena has been narrowing our interpretation of a symbol which might otherwise be given an empowering meaning in our lives.

In the 1980s, an artifact was discovered in the jungles of Ecuador with inscriptions on the bottom identified as denpzppre-Sanskrit, suggesting it may be older than most if not all ancient cultures known to have existed. It and others like it are part of a number of ‘out-of-place-artifacts’ found all around the world, collectively known as the La Mana artifacts. Interestingly enough, this artifact is a small pyramid with an eye inlay at the top (which lights up when put under a black light). But this pyramid is different in that the capstone is in fact -capped.  While modern renditions of the symbol have consciousness disconnected from its base, much older versions allude to an alternative significance today, that of getting our metaphoric heads back on our symbolic pyramids and stopping the pursuit of such an obviously inadequate solution as the New World Order. It has been tried (and failed) thousands of times in one form or another. There is no going back.

The holistic truth which the secret societies and the masses both lack require not this dogma or that, but a deep and girl-mysticalpersonal inquiry into life’s truths and mysteries. Both dogmas (possibly all dogmas) will only offer a one dimensional approach to this existential structure of the universe.

For many, their perceived external reality is more real than the world that exists within them. For others, their own inner reality is the only valid one. The former viewpoint excludes all psycho-spiritual elements of reality and leaves the viewer with a half-truth, keeping the knowledge of the inner world below the threshold of awareness in their minds eye like an uncapped pyramid. The latter viewpoint excludes the reality of the intrinsic value of others and so long as the other half truth goes unseen, neither will ever share in the communion which can save them from their own half-truth’s prison of isolation and alienation.

Shrouded in mystery and obscured by a one-eyed bias’, the pyramid with an eye has come to mean to some a savior and to others a destroyer; to some – our enlightenment, and to others – our ignorance; viewpoints which are two sides of the same coin but which always face away from each other.
But in the eyes of the wise, human separateness is not a conflict between opposing forces. It is the context out of which union and even communion are made possible. The order of the universe is neither a savior nor a destroyer but rather simply the context in which we find ourselves. It is the spring board or starting point from which we may begin our journey into mature life. No map we can ever put in front of us will ever change the true landscape upon which we stand. We will never get rid of the problem of human existence so long as there are still humans to exist (though the trans-humanists are working on that). But if you could, would you really want to anyway?

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