How important is man’s connection with nature? Has our environment  become so abstract and artificial that it could be hindering us from reaching our full potential as individuals and as a species?

To our earliest ancestors, the natural world was ‘home,’ but for many today nature is something of a spectacle; a leisure destination; a place we go to ‘get away from it all’.

From the office to the school house; from the home to the car, we have built up an entire world around ourselves that is an artifact of our own creation, with of course the occasional potted plant or a solitary tree standing in a parking lot of asphalt.

Nature has become something almost alien to the city-dwelling man of the 21st century. Where once he knew only of potatoes, tomatoes, and cows, now he knows only of french fries, ketchup, and the Big Mac. His connection to animals and other species has been narrowed to that of a pet, meal, or football team mascot.

Is mankind truly an alien in our world or have we simply alienated ourselves from it through our environment?

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